Factory Laboratory

Kairali is in the field of Ayurveda from more than 10 decades and is popular for its effective Ayurvedic medicines. Kairali uses clean ingredients and potent herbs in the preparation of its medicines. Kairali tries its best to provide there medicine readily available for their customers in India and abroad. Kairali with years of experience and expertise has 144 medicinal products for various diseases and ailments. Ayurveda has been used by millions to be fit and diseases free due to which Kairali uses natural ingredients to provide medicines with least harmful effects on body which signifies Ayurvedic authenticity at its best. Kairali has its production unit and factory in Pollachi, Kerala. In our laboratories we use high quality utensils and superior herbs to produce our medicines to provide customers the best benefits. Kairtis is made with potent, rare and extremely valuable herbs with intense work done by our expert doctor’s which would provide you relief even on your most tiring days.